Wednesday, June 4, 2008

lifes a beach....

Just got back from a week in Cali. It was soo fun. Kristy went with us and J.D. and Tawny even
came for a visit. We just played on the sand, walked to the pier and hung out, basically. I miss the sound and smell of the ocean. Kristy and I found this mexican grocery store. It was such a crackup. Everything was in spanish and we got a lot of glares but they had great prices and instead of deli counters at a regular grocery store, they were making salsas, tamales and homemade tortillas. We got our fill of mexican food, needless to say. The place we stayed at was so nice and it made our stay fabulous. Thanks Julie!!! Now it's back to the desert and 105 degree heat! SWEET!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally...the world of blogging....

okay, here goes for all of you that we don't get to see and for me to actually get the written word down on paper (or screen for that matter-hey whatever works), we finally get to keep in touch more often with pictures and comments.

it was a rough week. brit our nephew passed away and it has really effected the entire family. I can't even imagine what it has done to craig and lisa and the boys. i feel heartbroken. sad. wishing for a miracle that would make it all go away. he was so special. makes me understand that all of our kids are on loan and we never know how much time we have. or they have. we all have a certain mission and when HE needs us back, he needs us back. makes me understand that we merely drive the boat, that we are not in real control of it. brit was so special and so loved by everyone, that is all we can really ask for. that our kids contribute to this world and are loved and know they are loved, and brit had that. amazing parents and an amazing family of brothers and he knew he was loved and he loved his family. it doesnt help the grief but does give peace along with the grief. his sudden passing will always be with us. always knowing that he is missing but happy for him that he lived such a wonderful life and blessed so many- we can all hope for that type of impact. he was darling, sweet, smart, spiritual- an amazing kid. i wish we would of had more time with him, though. cant wait to see what amazing things he is doing on the other side. ....

hubby just graduated. wow. 5 years! i am so proud. 3.98 gpa is not easy for us older folks. heehee. he is amazing. 13 years with my guy and am more proud than ever (XO)....

headed to the beach for the 40th. cant wait. not for that really fun milestone birthday, but for the opportunity to sit my butt down on the sand and stay there for days, just taking it all in. thanks to julie for making it possible.:) the beach is the one destresser that makes me feel soo much peace. i used to watch the sunset every night sitting on my jeep at aliso beach. too fun. its always fun going back.

school ends next week. looking forward to a very fun summer with the kiddies. too fun. i will use nicknames on the blog. dont like people out there knowing too much info about the family (last names and locations and stuff) but want to keep all of you informed....


by the are below!.

by the way, leave me a recipe or your dead meat! seriously,
i want your fav family recipes! so leave me a post!

lots of love! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

carsons 6th birthday party, May 10

carsons party was too much fun.
I made homeade lemonade and
we had hotdogs and birthday cake with about 40 kids. It was his
first very own party without sharing with matt. matt and all his buddies were there too to join in the little kids fun! thanks for the pics, rochelle. (clockwise) carson being carson, brooke and rochelles daughter jackson. carson being cute, me laughing waaaay toooo hard and carsons
best buddy slade, rochelles son. we had a
great time and he planned it for 6 months! he loved it!

Tawny and Dad going to a fundraiser

Clint had to go to a special fundraiser for the doctors clinic and I couldnt go to because it was during Carson's party.... Tawny came from L.A. and wore her prom dress. GORGEOUS! They looked awesome....